First Pakistani To Recieve Philippines's Presidential Award

Date of Announcement: Thursday - December 15, 2016

First Pakistani To Recieve Philippines's Presidential Award

Fahdel Sheikh,Director Aadil Hospital, Lahore, is the first pakistani being awarded(Kaanib ng Bayan Award) by the president of philipines Rodrigo Duterte on the 19th December, 2016. The award cermony is scheduled to be held on December 19th, 2016, in Malacana place, Malina Philipines. Fahdel Sheikh and ambasador of pakistan to philipines Safdar Hayat have been invited to attend the award cermony in manila. This is a matter of great honor for both the hospital director  and pakistan. Fahdel Sheikh works closely with expatriates working in pakistan and has contributed positively towards facilitating foreigners working in pakistan.Fahdel Sheikh regulerly organizes

1. Free medical camps

2. Free Vaccination camps

3. Blood donation drives

4. Repatriation of Deceased Filipino Nationals

5. Free First Aid in case of emergencies for foreigners

The office of the president of Philipines recognizes the positive contribution of  Fahdel Sheikh and his team to help and facilitate Filipino Community working and living in pakistan.

Aadil Hospital's team also has the credit of providing voluntary repatriation services to the Embassy of the Philipines for the victim of the Gilgit helicopter crash on 8th may, 2015

Late ambassador Domingo D Lucenario to Philipines along with the Late Ambassador of Norway, Late wife of the Ambassador of Malaysia and Late Wife of the Ambassador of Indonesia