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  • Dr. Inayat Fatima Niazi

    Dr. Inayat Fatima Niazi

    Consultant Chief. Physiotherapist
    Visiting Consultant Aadil Hospital

      BSPT (BP), TDPT / M.Phil / (K.E.M.U), MPP, MS. Orthopedic Manual Physical Tharapy (R.I.U)

      Physiotherapy, Neuromusclar Biomechanical Rehabilitation Center

      Monday - Saturday
      05:30 PM - 09:30 PM

      2nd Floor Transformation Rooms

    Consultancy Fee    PKR. 3500

    Regular Consultant

Disclaimer: We will try to meet your preferred time in co-ordination with the specialist's availability.

e.g: 14-Apr-2024

e.g: 12:15 PM

e.g: Muhammad Ahmad

e.g: 03211234567


e.g: House # 123 XYZ Street

e.g: Lahore

e.g: Punjab

e.g: Pakistan

e.g: 54000

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