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Welcome to Aadil Hospital Med Evac Services Providing Air Ambulance Services Across the Globe

Aadil Hospital's Med Evac Services is a Paid -for-service that specializes in domestic and international Medical transfers, Commercial medical escorts, & Medical Evacuations/Repatriation services. We are at your disposal, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We Custom design the Medical Evacuations according to the individual needs of the Patient/Client.

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First Pakistani To Recieve Philippines's Presidential Award

Philippines's Presidential (Kaanib ng Bayan) Award 2016


Hybrid Aviation

Aadil Hospital's medEvac department announces hybrid aviation to be our aviation partner for chartered air ambulance flights.


Medical Evacuation to San Francisco 2016

Cheryl Diolata Afghani was a critical patient which was successfully evacuated from Lahore - Pakistan to San Francisco - USA on May 09, 2016.

  • IAFCCP General Membership Meeting

    The IAFCCP Board of Directors will conduct the General Membership Meeting/Luncheon and Birthday Cele ... 2016-09-27 , 12:00:00

  • Air Medical Transport Conference 2016

    The Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC) is specifically designed to provide leadership, to educa ... 2016-09-26 , 08:00:00

  • Polio prevention awareness camp by school children

    Aadil Hospital promotes disease prevention campaigns in young generation. This creates a spirit in s ... 2015-08-16 , 08:00:00

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Why Choose Aadil Hospital Med Evac Services ?

  • 24 hours a day 7 days a week Help line and Control Centre
  • Genex' Aadil Hospital is a trusted name for 3 Decades of provision of healthcare Services and Medical Education & training
  • We have collaborations with International Med Evac & Air Ambulance Services World over
  • We offer services at fraction of a price what others would
  • Recommended Service Provider by US Embassy and other Foreign Missions working in Pakistan
  • Medical evacuation is a Complex Delicate matter and ideally handled by Experienced Health Care providers not brokers
  • Success stories- Med Evac Testimonials
  • 15 years of International Repatriation of Human Remains all over the world
  • Availability of Foreign & locally Qualified Network of Specialists, Doctors and Paramedical staff